Members take turns volunteering to host our playgroups. They usually meet in a member's home, however they also can meet at parks, the mall, restaurants or other locations. Playgroups encourage healthy social stimulation for the children... and for the moms as well!!

Please note that if you have more than one child and thus you fall in two or more age categories, do not worry! Many of our members are in the same boat! We ask that you check with the playgroup host first, but usually bringing children who are older or younger than the age intended is just fine!

Moms night out:
Movies and dessert, bingo, bowling, scavenger hunt, Oscar night, game night, bridal night, karaoke...

Community Service Projects:
Clothing collection for womens' shelter, can drives, mailing care packages to troops overseas, adopting families/children during the holidays, donating money to local and national charitable organizations, participating in walks for charity...

Social Meetings:
We meet once a month to talk about upcoming events and to work on the upcoming calender. Prospective members can attend 2 social meetings before joining. We encourage (but don't require) all members to attend with their children. Social meetings are a great time to offer ideas and tune into what we are planning for the months ahead.

Field Trips:
Museums, aquarium, pizza-making, tour a grocery store, visit a local airport, tour a firehouse...

Supper Club:
This meets from 4-6 at a member's home. There usually is a theme and everyone brings a dish to share. The kids play and the moms eat!

Holiday/Summer Parties:
Annually we hold a summer picnic, Halloween and winter holiday parties, and an egg hunt. Usually these events are held on the weekend so that the whole family can attend! They are great opportunities for the dads to meet and socialize!